One life – One love – Live!

‘All my life i was never there, just a ghost running scared, here our dreams aren’t made, they’re won’
City of Angels – 30 Seconds to Mars

Do you feel like you’re running against the clock?
Wanting but not achieving?
Dreaming but not believing?
Knowing but not acting?

We get told that dreams are virtually impossible, or only for the lucky ones. Then maybe we shouldn’t be using the word ‘dreams’ if it seems too untouchable. What if we changed the word to ‘goals’ just for the sake of society and our self belief. (I personally love the word ‘dreams’ because it does feel so out of reach that i want it even more). Now, does ‘goals’ sound more realistic? If yes, then go get them.
Write them down
Think of them
Live them
Breathe them.

I like this ‘City of Angels’ video because it shows passion and desire to make something of your life. No matter if you are an angel in Hollywood or an angel in any part of this big, wide world.

My favourite line of the song is: ‘One life, one love, live!’. Listen to their message.

Dreams aren’t impossible. Dreams are to be pursued!

Find your way in the world!


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