Five (5) ‘Good Deeds’ Friday!

One good deed a day

BernessaMeetWorld is about the good, caring, generous people I’ve met along my travels. However, it goes without saying that in order to attract these types of people, you yourself need to be one of them!

We all have our bad days, our running late days, our get out of bed on the wrong side days, afterall we are human! But let’s face it, if we react to someone’s bad mood in an aggressive way then it’s only going to erupt the volcano. If we on the other hand react politely and positively towards them then we are more likely to be treated better. Perhaps they will even realise they had been rude and will make an effort with the next person.

Sometimes we don’t know what difficulties the other person is living with, as we live in an ego consumed world. Try and be understanding of others just as they should be of us.

Here are some good deeds that we should do without second guessing:

1. Say hi to your neighbour! Just because you don’t know each other doesn’t mean you should ignore them. These are potentially people that can water your plants or garden if you go away, collect your post, keep an eye out for intruders. They are the closest people to your home so why not create a nice atmosphere. It’s an exchange of a greeting. Simple and easy. Nothing more, nothing less.

2. Say thanks to the bus driver! It might sound silly but they provide a service. Regardless if you are happy with it or not, give a smile and say thanks before you get off. Just as if you would receive thanks from a friend if you were driving them somewhere.

3. Ask someone with a map if they need help with directions! Perhaps you can or can’t help, but the simple fact that you stopped to ask reassures them that there are caring people out there! How many of us have been lost in foreign cities, standing on a street corner trying to work out where on earth we are? How many times has someone come up to us and asked if we need help? Not that many, but they do exist. Lend a hand because it could be you in their position next time!

4. Hold a door open for someone! This is soooo simple to do! Seriously, I have this problem every day getting in and out of the apartment building with my bicycle in one hand and trying to open and hold the door with the other! Aaaaa! I am so appreciative of anyone walking by in that moment. The same thing with mums and pushers and when your hands are full of groceries. A pet like I have is when a man opens doors for me! Brownie points for him!

5. Help and smile at the oldies! I seriously love old people and since my favourite person in the world is my 86 year old grandpa, this had to make it to my top 5! We get so caught up in our busy day to day life. We get frustrated with the oldies who go to the supermarket or post office at peak time and are so slow! Yeah, it’s annoying but they had busy lives too, then things went to a stand still. They also need to interact with us so they can feel part of the community. A smile can go so far too. Maybe they don’t get many visitors or live alone. So lend a hand when you see an oldie because we’re going to be one too one day!

happy weekend good deeders!


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