5 Day Friday: Prioritise your possessions


A friend told me about an article he read this week on the BBC news website, about refugees having to make quick decisions as what to take with them during war time.

Imagine having spent years transforming your house into a home. Collections of photos, jewellery, objects that have been passed down through the generations. Houses see children born, parents or grandparents who have passed away. A lifetime of memories taken away in an instant.

This got me thinking about how we are so attached to our possessions. How could we possibly live without our computers, mobile phones, branded clothing, unnecessary household objects, luxury cars… The list is never ending.

What we think we need in order to live and what we can actually live with, are two totally different things.

Since today is 5 day Friday, i thought it would be interesting to work out what 5 objects i would take with me if i had to leave my house. I must point out that i don’t have a house, as i live a sort of 21st century nomadic life. However, that aside i do own possessions and these are my top 5:

1. My photos (printed)

2. My photos (on hard disk)

3. My 3 passports (old & current)

4. My grandma’s wedding ring given to me by my grandpa

5. My mobile phone (for the telephone numbers and email addresses of friends and family).

None of these things are of any real value in material sense, but are all of sentimental value. I’m sure for the majority of people, their top 5 list would mainly contain sentimental objects too.

So, why are we so attached to things? Why do we feel the need to fill our houses with things? Why can’t we live without them? When we have them, are we satisfied? …Probably not.

What it comes down to is memories and people. Memories because they are what we will remember for years to come, what we’ll pass on to our children and our children’s children. People because given a choice between an object or a person we care about, a person would take precedence.

Something to think about!

Happy Friday!


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