Life Thesaurus … Part 1

Words can inspire the world

Do you ever get tired of hearing the same words that describe your future or the lifestyle you should have?

Are there words that you feel you can’t live up to?

Were you told words as a child and are now put off by them?

Or perhaps they seem unrealistic?

Here are a list of overused words that come up in conversation, we hear or read them in the media, or they have been taught to us over the years. Beside each one is an alternative word.


From using these new words, your life choices may seem more reachable…achievable…believable!

Luck                    Opportunity

Dreams               Aspirations

Diet                      Health

Miracles              Blessings

Coincidences      Chance

Risks                    Actions

Failure                 Lessons learned

Fear                      Hurdle

Control                Influence

Destiny                Calling

Success               Accomplishment

Crisis                   Action needed

Win                      Achieve

Wealth                Means

Career                 Talent

Happiness          Balance

Goals                   Intentions

Power                  Direction

Greed                  Excess

Let me know if you come up with others or have a better alternative to the words I’ve suggested.

If we can help people to believe in themselves, then we are one step closer to happiness and inner balance.

Happy Monday!! 🙂


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