Five (5) Friday… When is the Perfect Moment?

Perfect moment

How often do you hear someone say they can’t do something because “it’s not the right moment”?

So that brings me to this very important question… When is the perfect moment? Does it exist?

Of course it does, but it exists when our mindset is positive, the timing is right and when we take the appropriate steps to make it happen.

Here are 5 common excuses why it’s never the right moment:

It’s not the right moment to quit my job.

– “If i just wait until the busy period is over”. “I’m sure things will improve once this project is finished”. “They promised me a raise at the end of the year… I’ll just wait till then”. There are so many excuses as to why we don’t change jobs. These are some of the most common ones. The reality is, things rarely change and if you have doubts in your mind and/or the situation hasn’t changed already, there is a reason for it. This is called procrastination. It means you recognise there is a problem but are not doing anything about it. While you still have the job, use the time to send out your CV.  There is never a perfect moment to change job but if you are unhappy or unsatisfied and your boss has not listened to you or recognised your need to grow, then take hold of the moment and make a change. Don’t wait for someone to come knocking at your door. Go knocking at someone’s door.

It’s not the right moment to buy a house.

– Buying a house is a big step and most people dream of owning their own house. It’s also a very large expense. However, don’t let these things put you off. Make sure you do your research both online and offline. Ask a financial advisor or someone you know who has already bought property. It is not impossible and there is no perfect moment. You can create the perfect moment by being prepared, saving for a deposit and staying within your budget.

It’s not the right moment to have a child.

– Having a child is a huge responsibility. Most of the time we are put off from having them because we live in an egotistical world, it’s hard to put ourself in second place. Saying that, those who want children and live waiting for the perfect moment will probably be disappointed to know that there is no perfect moment to have a child. A child will make room for itself within your existing life, and you will lovingly make room for them. In regards to money, yes, children are expensive, but your priorities will change. You will renounce certain things that you thought were necessary in your life, in order to provide for your child. Again, you will make a situation perfect. It will not happen on its own.

It’s not the right moment to take a holiday.

– Just as we make time for our work, it’s also correct to make time for a holiday. If you have a dream to visit a place, then you should try to make it happen. Don’t live with regret. Plan, research, save and envision yourself there. Renounce certain ‘pleasures’ you allow yourself like your daily coffee or buying your lunch. In a year you’ll be surprised how much you can save. The word ‘holiday’ is seen as a luxury but there are all types of holidays. You don’t need to spend silly money just to get away.

It’s not the right moment to study.

– Studying can be a big expense, especially if this is your second time to study. But if you feel studying is going to help you at your current job, or it will help you to get that future job, or if it’s time to make a career change, then go for it. It will not go to waste. It will enrichen you and will open new doors that didn’t exist before.
As for costs, try online alternatives or ask if you can pay in installments.

Face the fear and go for it!!! Take the moment and make it perfect!





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