Promote what you love*

Promote what u like

Tell me what you love, what makes you tick, what makes you jump out of bed in the morning, what puts a smile on your face, what makes you laugh so much you could cry, what brings you joy, what gives you energy when you’re tired, what makes you feel positive. These are the things I want to know.

What good comes from bashing things you hate? It only pumps the ego temporarily, but when it deflates, how do you feel?

Take my current work situation for example. I’ve been listening to people complain constantly about their job and colleagues. How much is too much? Can’t they hear they sound like a broken record? It’s draining on those doing the talking and those on the receiving end. And what comes of it?

Of course we need to vent, but when the venting becomes routine, it becomes boring. If things are that bad, look for another job. No positive comments, no one thankful they actually have a job.

Thought of the day!


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