Five (5) Friday – 5 Content Ideas for Your Dream Book!

dream book

If you are a bit of a “live positvely” junkie like me, then you’ll know that every lifestyle blog writer, guru, spiritual guidance author, life coach etc will advise you to make your own dream book or vision board to help you focus on your goals. If you think i’m going to tell you something different, you’re wrong.

Taking time out to think about what you really want from life is not only therapeutic but there is a lot of self discovery involved. Though when I stopped to think about how I envisioned my future, I hit a brick wall. There are so many things I want to see and do and experience, believe me, the list is endless, but when it came time to writing them down, the page remained blank.

It’s overwhelming looking at a blank notepad with hundreds of empty pages staring back at you. Where does one start? What if I put an objective in my dream book then 6 months later I want to scrap it? I don’t want my dream book to look messy. What if I can’t find the exact photos I’m looking for? I don’t want to put a photo in my dream book that doesn’t represent what I truly want. Yes, I probably have way too much time on my hands…

Instead I picked up a piece of paper and wrote down the 5 areas of my life that are most important to me, and under each one I listed my expectations. This exercise made the blank canvas situation a little easier and gave me a draft to look back on for inspiration.

Here’s how my top 5 looks and how to expand on each one (of course yours will be different but hopefully you’ll get some ideas from mine) :

1) LOVE – It’s all around us, it’s unavoidable, it’s contagious, it’s platonic, it’s passionate, it’s family, it’s friends, it’s ultimately what we all desire. What does love mean to you? How do you envision your love life? Do you see a family? Children? What kind of person do you want to be with? Marriage? What values are important to you?

2) TRAVEL – Travelling opens our minds, makes us appreciate what we have, gives us possibilities to step outside our comfort zones, meet new people, meet like minded people, learn, grown, experience. What’s places are on your bucket list? Do you want to volunteer? Work abroad? Teach English? Adventure holidays? Road trips?

3) FAMILY/FRIENDS – Family are your blood. They love you unconditionally and are there for you when you need. When they’re not, there are your friends. They are hand picked, your go to people so choose them well. What do you expect from friendships? What kind of a person do you like to be around? What does family mean to you? From your own family issues, what have you learnt to improve in your own family life? What values are important to you?

4) HEALTH – Only you have control over your body so treat it like a temple because without our health, where does that leave us? Our health needs to be a balance of good food, exercise and positive thinking. Are you happy with the food you eat? Does it make you feel motivated and energised? Do you do enough exercise? Is your head constantly full of thoughts? Have you thought about meditation? Are you happy with your body? How would you like to look (realistically)? How would you like to feel about yourself?

5) WRITING (AKA HOBBY)-  Everyone has a hobby. This is where that hobby comes into place. If you can make your hobby into your dream job then you are on the road to happiness. What do you love doing? How can you turn your hobby into a job? What are you good at? What have you always wanted to do but never got around to because it wasn’t a ‘normal’ job?

Good luck dream bookers! Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your dream book, but start small and build it up step by step. Rome may be closer than you expect!



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