Five (5) Friday: 5 Powers to Influence your Sub-Concious Mind


It all comes down to what we feed our sub-concious or “sixth sense” which will determine the outcome of any situation. So, that said, how do we do it?

These 5 super powers are guaranteed to help you influence your sub-concious mind to get you what you want, when you want:

1) DESIRE – What do you desire? When do you want it? How are you going to get it? You need to know what you want before you tell your sub-concious. Write it down. eg. I want a holiday to Thailand. I want to go in September. I am going to save $400 a month from my salary and put it aside for the trip.

2) FAITH – This has nothing to do with religion, it’s a state of mind. Do you really want what you desire? Or is it a wish, or are you just being hopeful? You need to want it, so start believing it. Recite it over and over until your sub-concious believes it. How do you believe it? ….

3) IMAGINATION – Use your imagination, that’s how! Imagine you’re already sunning it up on a beautiful beach in Thailand. Visualise the flight tickets in hand. Make your sub-concious believe that you are already there!

4) PLAN – If you are starting a new business, in order to get any initial funding from a bank, you’ll need a business plan. Same goes for your trip to Thailand. You want to go to Thailand? Plan it. Not necessarily the intricate details, but definitely what you want from the trip. eg. How much money you’ll need for the amount of days you’ll be travelling? Write it all down.

5) PERSISTENCE – You have a desire, you believe in it, you can imagine you’re living it, you’ve planned it and now you have to persist. Don’t let doubt enter your mind. You must persist with the above 4 steps in order to ‘convince’ your sub-concious that you’re going to Thailand.

Apply these steps to everything in life you want. From a carpark to a business, a holiday to a dream.

Here’s an example of DESIRE taken from the book; Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill:

“Henry Ford, poor and uneducated, dreamed of a horseless carriage, went to work with what tools he possessed, without waiting for opportunity to favour him, and now evidence of his dream belts the entire earth. He has put more wheels into operation than any man who ever lived, because he was not afraid to back his dreams”.

Henry Ford, Founder of the Ford Motor Company


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