Where’s my Dress?, said the Bride.

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On a Bride’s wedding day, her worst nightmare is forgetting her dress or the rings, but with all the stress of organising this once-in-a-lifetime event, you can imagine how it could happen. Well… I witnessed it first hand!

Meet one of my best friend’s, Shampa. She’s from Calcutta but raised in Australia, super intelligent and super organised, and if you could see inside her D&G handbag you’d find a copy of the 35 page excel file entitled, Project Fox. Project Fox is her meticulous spreadsheet outlining logistics, suppliers, location details, national and international arrival/departure times, pick ups, drop offs, make-up and hair trials, registry appointments, menu tasting, cake tasting etc. The file is also colour coordinated! Each colour represents the roles of the bride, groom, bridesmaids and parents.

You would be truly amazed! So much so, that I’m thinking of asking her for the rights to sell the “Project Fox” document. Seriously, she could help millions of brides around the world who are on a budget, yet can’t afford a wedding planner.

But even slight hiccups can happen to the most organised of people, which is what happened last Saturday the 22nd of February, the day before the wedding. Shampa had planned to pick up her wedding dress from the dry cleaner’s at some stage during the morning, knowing that they were open until 2pm. At 1pm whilst in the shower it hit her that she had messed up the closing times and instead of 2pm, it was actually 1pm. S***!

She grabbed her mum, they jumped in the car and drove to the dry cleaner’s, only to find it closed. I cannot imagine how she was feeling. Frustrated with herself for forgetting the closing time (because she is such a perfectionist) and upset because a bride doesn’t have an alternative dress! Lucky for her, the wedding being Indian themed, she was wearing a sari for the ceremony and the “wedding dress” was for the reception. But still, a woman who plans everything flawlessly doesn’t have a runner-up, full stop.

They tried phoning the shop, with no response. She googled the shop name to find who the owners were, with no luck. She called a friend on her hens weekend to ask if she knew the owners because her wedding dress was also getting cleaned at the same dry cleaners, with no luck.

Time to panic! She called her bridesmaid Nicole and told her what had happened. Immediately Nicole posted a message on Facebook saying, “Help needed… Does anyone know the owners of Fussy Dry Cleaners, George Road Newton. Please contact me ASAP. We need to get in contact with them to open the shop to get a very upset bride-to-be her WEDDING DRESS! Please re-post!”.

Thanks to the post, a lady who works with Nicole’s husband Martin got in contact with Martin saying that she is the god daughter of the owners and would try to get in touch with them!

This all happened within half an hour!

The god daughter called Nicole back within 10 minutes with the good news that the owners were going back to open the shop so we could get the dress! We, Shampa, Nicole and myself were already halfway to the winery (where the wedding was being held), so Nicole’s husband Martin was sent to be the pick-up man. Because you can’t trust a man to pick up the right dress from the dry cleaner’s (no offence Martin), he had to check the size, the brand and take a photo of it first before he could take it.

The essence of this long story is; Don’t underestimate the power of technology & most of all, Facebook.

The pics you see at the top of the page are: Martin with the miracle dress, Nicole’s post on FB and the beautiful bride wearing the red dress!


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