Do you believe in love?


Do you? … I do. I like to think of myself as a bit of a romantic. I definitely don’t believe in knights in shining armour and princes and fairy tale endings, but I do believe in love.

A guy once asked me if I believe in love and I felt put on the spot because a) I wasn’t expecting it and b) I couldn’t breathe! (Yes, he was hot!) So my answer was, yes I believe in love and he followed up his question with, okay, but do you believe there is only one love or many loves for different moments throughout your life?

Good question! My answer was, I’m not sure. I had loved once, I had suffered and I had healed, so does that mean I can’t find love again? Does that mean I’ve had my one true love and that’s it? Should I go back and retry to capture what I had with him even though we had split up because we wanted different things? Or am I entitled to love again with another? Will the love be as strong as the first?

Since I’m an optimist I would say, yes, we can love again because that is what I’d like to believe. Can it be just as strong? I think so, if not stronger. Can it be reunited? Of course it can, but I think if a relationship ended in the first place, the reasons for reuniting must be because you set your differences aside, have accepted one another and acknowledged what went wrong, you love each other and can see yourself growing old together. Can you love another? Yes, I think you can. The love will be different and perhaps even more complementary. I’m sure we can be surprised by love as long as we listen to our instinct and take a risk. Better to get hurt in love than to not love at all.

So if I could give my answer to that guy now, it would still be yes. Yes, I do believe in love. But no, I don’t believe we are given only one chance at love. I believe we can find love over and over again if we are open to it. Some people are lucky to find their true love straight away, some think they found their true love but find out down the track that he wasn’t the one, some have multiple loves, some don’t believe in love and don’t find love at all, some love from afar, some don’t want to get hurt, some love till they hurt, some are blinded by love. It is only once you’ve accepted who you are and know what you want in life that you will truly be ready to welcome in love.

All I know is love is an incredible feeling that one needs to feel in order to live a fulfilled life. When you feel it, chase it, when you get it, don’t let it go.


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