Sydney Street Corner Kindness


A homeless guy, about my age was sitting on the footpath crossed legged outside a 7 eleven store, in the middle of Sydney, a chaotic city that continued around him. He was wrapped in a blanket with his head lowered, buried under his curly, what once was blonde hair.

As I walked toward him I lowered my eyes to not make him feel any less than he perhaps already felt. The act of begging takes a lot of courage in my eyes. It’s abandoning your pride and allowing the outside world to see that you need help.

In those few seconds it took to approach him, I watched a woman carrying a takeaway coffee and a snack from across the street. She bent down to face him and handed him what she had bought as well as placing a $ note in his lap. She then stood up and blended back into the hustle and bustle of the city around us.

I’ve seen people give the homeless food and drinks in the past and I’ve done it myself, but this moment moved me. It’s moments like these that you realise how thoughtful and generous people can be. It isn’t all doom and gloom as the news tells us daily.

A small act of kindness goes a long way.


2 thoughts on “Sydney Street Corner Kindness

  1. I find it wonderful to have blogs like yours, giving a voice to the homeless and raising our own consciousness. I like what you said about begging is abandoning your pride and letting the world see that you need help. Powerful words. 🙂

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