Happiness vs Unhappiness



One word is overused and desperately sought after, one word is more common and people fear it.

Which word is which? … I’ll let you decide.

A friend of mine brought it to my attention that perhaps we are in search of the word happiness, when maybe we should be more accepting of unhappiness.

If you look at the people around you, very few are happy. We all have our problems, our ups and downs, it’s virtually impossible to be happy all the time. There are also a lot of expectations on reaching happiness. But how will I know when I get there? Won’t I just be wanting more of that happiness drug? Society makes you feel like happiness is easily attainable and if/when you get there, does that mean you’ve reached the ultimate level in life?

I think even happy people will still want to be happier. Who lives in bliss? Is bliss the top level?

Are we striving for something that doesn’t exist? Why put ourselves through all the sweat and tears in search of an emotion that society tells us we should master, when in actual fact, if we just lived our lives knowing that everyone around us is also living with unhappiness then maybe we won’t feel that social pressure.

I’d like to think that what we are actually searching for is inner peace. Being at one with yourself, accepting you for who you are, what you look like and the life you’ve been brought into should be our ultimate goal. Maybe it won’t bring happiness but it will bring peace of mind. With peace of mind should follow tranquility and contentment.

Happiness and Unhappiness are too black and white. I need some grey in my life and think I’d categorize myself as Mid-happiness. I have moments of joy, laughter, craziness, extreme contentment but I am also human and feel depressed, unsatisfied, sad, lost etc. But most of the time I’m a happy medium and that’s where I like to stay. I like to feel the different emotions come and go in my life because they make me feel alive.

I’m curious to know your thoughts on this topic. Feel free to share.

Happy Sunday đŸ™‚

to be or not to be



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