The Best Travel Companion

Travelling is a huge part of my life and particularly, long term travel.
One thing I learnt quickly was how to pack my bag and most importantly, what to pack!

We all have our travel ‘must haves’ that we can’t live without and over the years I’ve worked out that my scarf (see photo below) is mine.

I bought it whilst on holiday in a small seaside village called Marzamemi in south east Sicily, in a tiny shop in the main square. Little did I know that it would turn out to be THE best travel companion!

Since she came into my possession, I have put her to many uses; a scarf, a sheet when train travelling or staying in hostels, a sarong and beach dress, a towel, a tea towel, a tablecloth, rolled up as a cushion and I’m sure she’ll have a world of uses in the future.

If someone asks me for advice on what they should take on holiday, a 100% cotton scarf is always my response!

Happy Travelling!


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