GPS on 2 Wheels


biking around

Today I was accompanied to work by a friendly & smiley GPS on 2 wheels. Her name was Kylie and I met her at the traffic lights.

I am on housesitting gig number #3 for the year and the first couple of days on the job are usually spent working out the best route to work. By best route I mean; the most scenic, the quickest, the one with the least amount of traffic or the least amount of right hand turns. I’m usually that person who consults Google maps the night before. However, this time I forgot. Ooops! I found myself at a set of lights without really knowing where I was going. So, I turned and asked the girl on the bike behind me. She started to give me directions but I think my blank expression said it all. As the lights turned green she said to follow her because she was going the same way. We ended up having a lovely ride into the city together, chatting about life and dodging our fellow cyclists who weren’t too happy about us conversing on the bike path.

Thanks Kylie!


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