Belong Anywhere, Tallinn

I’m sitting in the kitchen of a small apartment I’ve rented in a residential area of Tallinn. It’s outside the Old Town walls which I’m yet to see.

If someone was to look at me from the outside in, they’d see a girl, alone, sitting at a kitchen table at 5am, drinking coffee, writing in her journal in absolute silence. No lights switched on, just the natural light from one half of a window with the blind up. It may seem dull or even depressing but there’s a whole other layer you won’t see.

I am alone, yes. I am sitting at the kitchen table in the apartment I’ve rented through Airbnb, from a local girl, Diana, currently living in Dubai. Her mother Signe caught the bus from 1 hour away just to handover the keys. The apartment is small, cosy & warm (god bless central heating). Not the most beautiful place I’ve ever stayed but it has charm and it feels like I live here, like it’s home. Yes, I’m drinking coffee that I bought at the local supermarket yesterday with full cream milk because that’s what I like. I asked a girl standing next to me, also buying milk, if I’d chosen the full cream option and we had a laugh over the whole lost in translation thing. Yes, I’m writing in my journal in complete silence because it’s 5am and that’s the time I woke up after 36 hours of travelling. You can only hear the background hum of the refrigerator. The complete and utter silence is a blessing. It gives me time to recharge my batteries and spend some quality time alone. I have no lights switched on and no need for them either. It’s coming into summer here therefore it’s light around the clock.

If someone assumed it was dull and depressing, they’d be wrong. I am in my happy place and it’s a fine abode.


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