Mood Travel, Lyon

 30 May 2015, Lyon 26 degrees, sunny & not a cloud in sight.

My mood pic today:

Bread & copious amounts of it – when in France it is the least one can do. Walnut bread, nuts and dried fruit bread, tumeric and macadamia bread, pain au chocolate, almond croissant, plain croissant and the Lyon praline brioche. OMG, is this going to get your day off to a good start or what, especially if you have a big day of walking ahead of you.

Butter, coffee, jams, honey & orange juice – important staples…for any holiday.

Lyon games book – reading about fun orienteering games to play next time I’m in town.

Polaroids – reminiscing with Laetitia who I’m staying with about where we met (Shanghai) and when we last saw each other (2013).

It’s all about catching up with a good friend and eating. Life doesn’t get much better. 

C’est la vie!


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