Mood Travel, Guilin, China

31 January 2016, Shanghai to Guilin, 7 degrees, sunny.

Passport – yep, it’s that time again to put her to use! Can’t let her rust!

Quechua raincoat – it’s never fun to check how the weather will be at your holiday destination and find it will rain all week! Let’s hope the weather app got the forecast wrong. Must say a big thanks to Natalie for letting me borrow her jacket. I’m a keen hiker but never seem to have the right clothes with me. I think I left mine in Australia. Ooops!

Nature Valley granola bars – yes, I’m a fan! They are also really handy to take with you on a hike because in each individual pack are 2 bars!

Camelbak water bottle – this rarely leaves my side. Must-stay-hydrated-at-all-times.

North Face backpack – this fab sized bag is perfect for a weekend to a week getaway. Ok, perhaps for those that know how to pack and are able to leave the luxuries at home! Loving the electric blue and the quality of the material. If it gets thrown around or mishandled, I’m hoping it will stay in one piece.

Time to go! Places to see, flights to catch.




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