About Me


I’m Bernessa. My passport says I’m Australian but i like to think of myself as a citizen of the world. (I’m sure i’m not the only one).

I started out wanting to be a writer but somehow got lost along the windy road called life and ended up trying every job under the sun, only to work out now that i like writing. Some things we find out the hard way… apparently.

As a teenager to earn a buck i cleaned houses, just off the plane in London i worked in the clothing store Jigsaw, temped for 15 months in the marketing department of Princess Cruises, was a nanny for 2 kids in an Italian family in Milan, worked for an online advertising agency also in Milan, organized national concert productions throughout Italy, was the receptionist at EMI Music Italy, website manager of the online music store imusic.it also in Italy, PA to 3 directors at Ilko Coffee, a joint venture between Coca Cola and illy caffe, taught english to children in Shanghai, a host at my friend’s restaurant in Milan (Tagiura.com) and temped in various offices in Adelaide.

People often ask me why i don’t write about my travels and my experiences living abroad. I guess I was always worried that no-one would be interested in what i have to say. I mean, there are so many travel blogs out there. What would make mine stand out above someone elses?

I’d like to take a different approach to my blog and tell you about the wonderful people i have come across on my travels and my time abroad, what I’ve learned from meeting them and how they have changed my perspective on life.

This blog is about positivity, good deeds, everyday people.

I believe if you travel with your eyes on your heart that you will see kindness and love all around.


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